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The OpenJazzFest 2016 with Special Exhibition about Jazz will be enriched with Jazz related Caricatures and Ar. It will take place as usual in Nové Mesto nad Váhom, on 22-23 July 2016. Its aim is to present Slovak, Czech, Polish, Hungarian and other countries jazz music and musicians, popularization of jazz as of musical genre and providing networking possibilities for musicians in our region. The Jazz in V4 exhibition points out the most important caracters, facts about the V4 History of Jazz.

The Open Jazz Fest festival has been organized annually in Nove Mesto nad Vahom, Slovakiasince 2008. Core objective of the festival has been the promotion of jazz music among wide audiences since the beginnings; and for this, Slovak and international musicians have been invited; 130 from Slovakia, 43 from the Czech Republic, 13 from Hungary and 22 from Poland. Other countries as Norway, , Balkan countries and Gruzia will be presented with V4 plus idea. Discussions among the musicians highlighted the importance of closer cooperation among these countries; and of drawing attention to the high quality jazz music that is being played in V4 region. A whole festival day in 2016 will be therefore dedicated to Exhibition from the V4 countries, calling it “Special Exhibition of Jazz in V4”.

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Livesounds Agency Ltd.

Zbigniew Seifert Foundation

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Západoslovenská energetika, a.s. THAUSNE
BlueNote CARPE DIEM INVEST, s.r.o.

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